stupidity under conversión

 blending silly words

to get new terms:

   words so complex

that hurt with intention:

     new expressions

      old feelings

unfuckable riots of the heart:

«heartistic» ones

former Victorian sounds

of mere self awakening:

     then I met you

      you and the world:

my own private one

and it becomes my home

 my hut up in the mountain

  my shelter on spermless windy nights:

my in

and my out:

toothpaste wasted

linked forever

to the surface of the sink:

as I am sinking

in the boring depth

of my mild thoughts

of not belonging here:

of barking at two siamese moons

which now seem to enjoy

this minute of my despair:

c’mon friend

make my day

come true:


Behave well

under these dirty sheets:

endure my sickness

the reality that mirrors

your shallow approach:

shyness is not nice:

so do not stop now

and pervert my senses

until I calmly reach

that obnoxious galaxy:

far far away

the definite teletubby land

for expert shadow puppets