stupidity under conversión

 blending silly words

to get new terms:

   words so complex

that hurt with intention:

     new expressions

      old feelings

unfuckable riots of the heart:

«heartistic» ones

former Victorian sounds

of mere self awakening:

     then I met you

      you and the world:

my own private one

and it becomes my home

 my hut up in the mountain

  my shelter on spermless windy nights:

my in

and my out:

toothpaste wasted

linked forever

to the surface of the sink:

as I am sinking

in the boring depth

of my mild thoughts

of not belonging here:

of barking at two siamese moons

which now seem to enjoy

this minute of my despair:

c’mon friend

make my day

come true:


Behave well

under these dirty sheets:

endure my sickness

the reality that mirrors

your shallow approach:

shyness is not nice:

so do not stop now

and pervert my senses

until I calmly reach

that obnoxious galaxy:

far far away

the definite teletubby land

for expert shadow puppets


‘How like your Darling papa you are!’

But there’s no ball I’ve ever kicked,

No ball I’ve ever gone to.

‘He nodded at me, fucking shitting himself.’

But I didn’t throw the filth off the track

As his husband run around in fear.

‘She was the most difficult to restrain.’

Though no whisper turns her on,

Distracted by the arrival of the dogs.

‘I started to panic a little bit.’

And then I searched for the DJ

As I sincerely started hanging myself.

‘The ambulance arrived quickly.’

The worst scenario:

I didn’t die, but she did.

‘Aren’t you coming with me?’

She asked out of the blue.

The winter darkness blinded my strength

So I yelled, ‘I am the undefeated!’

‘It had been a sad time.’

I know it, and I was

Deeply concerned

For my own reputation,

Her perennial misery

And the poisonous cunt

That had almost started to speak.

‘I’ve heard it all before.’,

But you’re daft,

Big enough to look after yourself…

So, farewell, you fuckwit,

You may become the right one,

May have company,

And even get

The wife,

The job,

The house,

The car

And the nuts

That cereal box

May in fact contain.