El lunes 22 de junio, en la última clase de preparación de la EBAU con mi grupo de 2º de bachillerato de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales del IES La Corredoria, se nos ocurrió terminar con un «exquisite corpse» como ejercicio de redacción y creación literaria. Lo comencé yo, y participaron Claudia Busta Busta, Miguel Castro Celaya, Lucía Fernández López y Beatriz Sánchez Pérez.

Este es el resultado final:


The snow fell hard for the fourth week in a row. They had prayed for snow after all, but who knew it would come like this.

They were tired of not seeing the sun. It had been literally two months since it started. In some places, they couldn’t even go out; others had a great time building snowmen and drinking hot coffee. In general, everything was a mess and a terrible thing happened eventually.

One day, all became grey: the climate disappeared, there was no difference between day and night… The days passed by and nobody knew what was happening…

Until a cat meowed for the first time. That day, the 31st of February, 2020 ½ everything changed. People were no longer ruling, the animals had taken over the world, and the only ones allowed to vote were women.

When this happened, everybody started a new order in the world. The animals took the government and made jails for the humans. The first day of May all the people stayed inside the jails, but a group made the Resistance to fight back the animal world.

Some animals joined the humans in their fight against oppression and intolerance. They even went to live with them in the wild.

It may sound weird, but the animals started being the highest part of the social status. Humans lost the fight. The new society included changes such as paying with carrots instead of coins. Humans were desperate and thought about recovering their normal lives, just as they had been before.

This situation had to stop and they needed to go back to their normal lives. So, one day, a girl called Frida started a revolution. Humans needed to take the control back again.

But they needed to do it in a way so that nobody was above anyone, no racial or sex discrimination. It was the moment to change the system and rebuild it in an equal way for everybody.

In the end, each country chose a speaker and all met to create an equal world without prejudice and discrimination. This new world increased the budgets in health, education, the environment and science, and everyone started working at the same time and in the same direction.



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