Aunque mi amiga Malin Ellisdotter haya cerrado su blog, seguimos colaborando en otros medios (Facebook e Instagram). Éste es el último poema que he escrito al que Malin a asignado esta poderosa imagen.

Though my friend Malin Ellisdotter has shut her blog for good, we are still collaborating in other social media (Facebook & Instagram). This is the last poem I have written and Malin has brilliantly matched it with this powerful pic.


Your fake smiles do not feed my soul
and I do not trust my surface anymore:

we were swimming in the lake
the last day of that rebellion
then there came the lies
our bodies drowning
while we fiercely dispised our useless lungs:

the real nothingness of that fake oxygen;
and well_______
if they had won
why would we have shot our sons
our daughters with discomfort?

Will our wounds be already healed?
Will shallow people finally understand
the meaning of the artful noise
of broken bones?

Nobody knows
and we don’t really mind
as this human parade
is turning people blind_____